A Household of Faith (2003)

A Household of Faith (2003)

When Joshua sent spies into Canaan, they met Rahab the harlot. This woman was neither an Israelite nor a righteous person. However, she recognized that the God of Israel was the one true God. Then, she acted in simple obedience to this truth: she hid the spies. This act of faith earned her a place in the “household of faith,” recorded in Hebrews 11.

This woman knew almost nothing about God. But, based on what she did know, she believed and trusted him. However, the danger for many Christians today is that they know much about God, yet refuse to obey him.

For example, you may know that you should speak to lost family members about their souls. You feel convicted by the Holy Spirit to do it. But, you find this uncomfortable. So, you go to the Bible and look around for a reason why you can justify not doing it. You may take refuge in the doctrine of election, or in a feeling of assurance you had in prayer, or in a particular verse of Scripture. This soothes your conscience, and so you never speak to the person.

If this is your case, you’re like the children of Israel. They walked through the Red Sea, but then stalled out in the desert. There, they pined after Egypt, and finally died. And so while Rahab the harlot was saved, the people of Israel lost their souls.

Are you walking in simple obedience to God’s will? Or are you trying to come up with religious reasons to excuse yourself from obeying?