A Crust of Bread From the Dark Side – 2008

I pray that you would prayerfully listen to this old sermon by Pastor Ray in the context of the messages this week. Saul’s life provides a pictorial view of one who refused to be a love slave but preferred his own space and wanted to be God, until he found himself in a place where he could not deliver himself. Although Saul was initially converted, it’s clear that he became very legalistic and that led him over a period of time to the witch’s table. At some point in our walk with Jesus, we must choose either to become a love slave to Jesus or to become Saul-like (angry, self-directed, demanding our rights, etc.), there’s not a third choice. I beseech you to turn to Jesus and if you’ve become Saul-like as I have at times, take that to Jesus and ask Him to deliver you and break and make you one of his love slaves.

Many of you need to make that unequivocal surrender to Jesus today, you need not go the way of Saul. Today is the day of salvation, my sister, my brother will you cry out to Him today?