3 Signs You’re a Real Christian

3 Signs You’re a Real Christian

10-10-2017 - 3 Signs You're a Real Christian - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

Salvation simply consists in being drawn from self to Jesus. But with all of Jesus’ warnings about false conversion, how can you know whether you’re really saved? Practically, the following 3 signs will show whether you’re a real Christian.

First, are you willing to be inconvenienced for the gospel? For example, will you change jobs, drive long distances, or give up all of your time to be where the Holy Spirit calls you to be, and to do what he calls you to do? Or, do you only serve Jesus in your spare time–when it’s convenient for you?

Second, will you serve Jesus at a loss? If obeying God is draining your family resources, will you keep following Jesus? Do you accept a lower standard of living in order to promote and support gospel work? What about your time? Would you be willing to spend five nights a week in revival meetings, ministering to the spiritual needs of others?

Third, do you serve Jesus for what you can give? Are you willing to give up the “rewards” of the world and the flesh? Or are you serving Jesus for the blessings? Perhaps you’ve said, “Jesus, I’ll serve you as long as you give me a _____ (good job, wife, husband, kids, house). And if you won’t give me that, then I’ll get it myself.” This is serving Jesus for what you can get, not what you can give. And it is not a state of salvation.

Ultimately, you cannot have the world and Jesus too. Nor can you have Jesus all by himself. Salvation is always and only found in the church. You may say that you’ve given everything to Jesus, but have you given up your life for the church, and for the salvation of the lost? If not, then you’re mistaken. You haven’t really given everything to Jesus.

Will you forever divorce from self, make every interest subordinate to Jesus, and be united to God?