Disappointed by Jesus? (May 20, 2007)

Disappointed by Jesus? (May 20, 2007)

Pastor Ray talks about how the disciples were utterly disappointed by Jesus as His crucifixion became readily apparent and their hopes of an earthly kingdom were utterly destroyed. His disciples had many false expectations. In our culture, we’ve depicted Jesus as  a “cotton-candy Jesus,” (i.e. a benevolent father-figure who only cares about meeting our needs and expectations) which has created many false expectations that we must face as we are crucified with Christ.  As the disciples made it all about themselves and who would be the greatest among themselves, surely we’ve done the same thing, to a much greater extent.

The real issue in the sermon is not whether or not you will be disappointed by Jesus, you certainly will be to some degree (due to all of the lies that permeate the modern American church) but the question is whether you will entrust (or intrust) yourself into the hands of Jesus? Will you entrust everything into the hand of Jesus despite your disappointments?


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