Posts from June 2023

Posts from June 2023

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Pilgrim’s Progress Story Time

Pastor Ray is unable to do any additional Saturday Pilgrim’s Progress Story Time’s episodes right now but we’re praying and trusting Jesus to open the way. There is a playlist with all of the audios and a video playlist on our YouTube channel. God bless you!
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A Peaceful Soul

Jesus intends that we have a peaceful soul, which is devoid of our circumstances. How do we get there, find out today on Pilgrim’s Progress.
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Running Out Of Grace

Do you see that we’re running out of grace in this age? It’s time to be earnest and sincere in our seeking after Jesus!
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Do You Have The Courage To Face Your Heart

Our series on the Beatitudes continues today, with the focus on the third Beatitude. Pastor Ray goes back to the story of King David and his wayward son, Absalom, to illustrate this meekness that Jesus requires of us and wants to do in us. It’s not something we can attain, but it is something that Jesus wants to give to us. Are you willing to enter the covenant that David did in 2 Samuel Chapter 15? This story clearly demonstrates…
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The Shame of Being Found Out

Our series in the Beatitudes continues today, as Pastor Ray looks at the second beatitude (or be-happy attitude, see below). He uses the story of the Apostle Peter and another unrelated story of a dear brother to beautifully illustrate this Beatitude. Blessed are those who mourn,for they will be comforted. Matthew Chapter 5:4 Is there great shame in your heart because Jesus has uncovered the darkness in your heart, maybe something you were totally unaware of as was the case…
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Born Again On The Open Road

Do you know the path to being born from above or born again? It begins with our utter poverty of spirit. Listen to Pastor Ray to find out more…
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