Posts from September 2023

Posts from September 2023

But There Is A Stone In The Way

This is our second message in a series on the death of Lazarus. There are two critical messages, the first is how do we deal with these stones and mountains and Pastor Ray walks us through Mark Chapter 11. There’s a quick excerpt from the broadcast that may be helpful to you. Pastor Ray continues on detailing the necessity of praying in accord with God’s will. It’s a very helpful and powerful message and we pray that it would be…
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I Am Terrified, God Is Coming

Today’s message on Joseph was interrupted with a prophetic word from Jeremiah Chapter 18. Are you ready for the coming of the Lord and the judgment that will soon be upon us?

Joseph, The Family Man

This is a troubling message focusing today on the sin of Joseph’s brother. Do you know that Jesus wants to uncover your sin?
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Joseph, The Journey

This is such an amazing story because it reveals the heart of this young man, Joseph and His God who carried him through some very difficult times. Jesus wants to carry you too!

The Heart of Jesus (2015)

Pastor Ray lays out a path from the scriptures that will bring us fully into the heart of Jesus. Are you on this journey and have you completed it?
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