Posts from July 2023

Posts from July 2023

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You Must Turn Around

Do you know what it means to turn around and to experience a season of refreshing, directly from the heart of Jesus.
barren, daylight, desert

A Barren Heart

Know that God always bring barrenness as a means to grab our attention and secure our repentance. Will you get to God to find out what He wants from your life?
a small island in the middle of a body of water, leper colony

When All Hope Is Gone

What do we do when all hope is gone? Do we get to Jesus and put all of our trust in Him or just give up? Listen to the story of Naaman today and put your trust in Jesus.
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The Great Hero

Who is your great hero or is that you? Listen and determine who the battle belongs to. Be blessed as you listen!
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Bent Toward Heaven

Which way is your heart bent? Listen to this familiar parable that will make you consider where your heart is at and which way you’re walking…
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