Posts from May 2023 (Page 2)

Posts from May 2023 (Page 2)


Are You Willing To Be Of No Reputation?

Today’s opening message is an overview in a series of messages on what it means to be of no reputation (or utterly poor in Spirit). Before a man or woman can be used in the kingdom of God, He or She must be whittled down before Him. That’s not an easy process, as you watch Pastor Ray walk through this. Our problem is that we will not escape the scourging hand of God that will come upon us to whittle…


Is the desire of your heart to live in the glory of God? If you can say yes honestly, realize that the spirit of Jezebel must be purged in your soul.
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Scriptural Death Route Holiness

I’m attaching a wonderful little book, and it’s the most recent book I could find that laid out in detail what the Lord wants from us. It’s in a PDF format. Here’s a brief synopsis by the author: By the term “death-route” we mean, taking our stand against carnality and turning over every revealed carnal trait to the Holy Ghost, for its slaying. Carnal traits, however, are not crucified one at time. They are surrendered (died out to) one at…

The Terrifying Work of Demons

Pastor Ray delves into the spirit world to uncover the terrifying work of demons. We must know and engage in this battle and trust Jesus to fully deliver us. He uses the story of the demoniac in Mark Chapter 5 to uncover the enemy’s game plan for you and me. Have you been set free by the blood of Jesus, or are you still enslaved? The battle belongs to the Lord, but we must engage ourselves in this battle through…
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God only can use broken vessels, do you see your own great need to be broken before our Lord Jesus??