Posts from February 2023

Posts from February 2023

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Pilgrim’s Progress Storytime Episode 8?

We will not have a new episode this week for our Pilgrim’s Progress Storytime and WAVA-780 will re-air the first episode tomorrow at 2 PM. Join us next Saturday, March 3 for an action packed episode of Pilgrim’s Progress as Christian lays his life on the line. Similar messages: Pilgrims Progress Storytime Episode 5 Join us today as Pastor Ray finishes Chapter 2 and the first part of Chapter 3 in Pilgrim’s Progress…. Pilgrim’s Progress Storytime Episode 6 We continue…

Revival Truth

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray walks us the basics of revival truth and demystifies a term called “entire sanctification.”

The Asbury Happening

Today’s message is very sobering and we encourage you to listen and search the scriptures as a good Berean should do.
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