Posts from December 2022

Posts from December 2022

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The Greatest Temptation

The temptation to be god is the most powerful one and something we have accepted as normative for a Christian, hence real conviction is difficult. Pastor Ray delves into it and uncovers it through the power of the Holy Spirit.
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Go For Your Dream

The lie to “go for your dream” is uncovered today. Have you believed this lie from the heart of Satan?
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The Great Seduction

Find out on today’s podcast what the greatest seduction is to a Christian and to one that has been called by the Holy Spirit to follow Jesus.
A Child is Born podcast

A Child is Born – 2004

Today’s message is an emphatic reminder of what happens when Jesus shows up in the life of a man, woman, boy or girl who covenant to follow Jesus.
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GOOD SOIL, The Mystery

Listen to today’s message as Pastor Ray through the Holy Spirit unfolds the mystery of good soil from the parable of the sower.
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The Crown Is Before You

Our series on the Parable of the Sower continues today with the focus on the choking Christian. He also read a good part of the Chapter 7 (On Trial for the Gospel) from the book Pilgrim’s Progress, which is about Vanity Fair. Have you decided to give everything up and into the control of Jesus and everything you have and your life is now focused upon His will? Or are you a foolish man or woman who has built your…
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The Choking Christian

What type of Christian are you dear one? Pastor continues to walk us through the four soils today. Are you willing to be honest with yourself?
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