Posts from November 2022

Posts from November 2022

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Have you made a once-for-all decision to leave all sin NOW? God is angry with every sinner and He has provided freedom through the blood of Jesus, if we’re willing to repent and forsake our sin. What will you do dear one?


Have you become an overcomer and have you said no to all? God bless you dear one!
Melting Ice

Melting Hearts – 2015

In this encore sermon from 2015, Pastor Ray focuses upon the life of Peter and you and I. Do you need your heart to melt before the living God? Have you grown hard and complacent? Are you willing to have your heart melted down?
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America Is Going Into The Lion’s Den

Pastor Ray talks about Daniel being cast into the lion’s den, which is the place where America is headed. Our only defense is being innocent and a laying down of all the false gods that the modern church has believed.
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Weighed On The Scales

Today’s message is about Belshazzar, a son of Nebuchadnezzar from Daniel Chapter 5. The judgment of God was pronounced, do you see the writing on the wall for America and for your life? It’s time to get right with God.

Jesus Holds Your Life In His Hand

Pastor Ray calls us out of the modern institutional church and to the organic church of Jesus Christ. Listen intently and consider if you’re willing to fully give yourself to Jesus, regardless of costs.
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Are You Insane?

Look at what God will do to deliver a man from his own insanity as Pastor Ray takes a look at the story of King Nebuchadnezzar. Has God issued a decree against you? What will you do in response to this decree?
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