Posts from September 2022 (Page 2)

Posts from September 2022 (Page 2)

Established in Love – 2006

Have you been established by the love of God, not in greasy grace which is permissive but the real powerful love of God? That’s the call of God to you today!

Foolish, Disobedient, And Deceived

Are you still a foolish, disobedient and deceived one or are you one who is willing to give themselves fully to Jesus? If you’ve not made that decision, today is the day of salvation!
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The Prayer of Complete Surrender

Our live prayer meeting today began today with a quick reminder from the book “Rees Howells, Intercessor” on the issue of surrender or yielding to Jesus. Jesus wants us to give everything into His hand, have you made that once for all decision to give yourself fully into the hands of Jesus. Pastor Ray has aptly said that self is the number one idol in America, will you lay it down? Today’s Prayer Meeting was held live earlier this afternoon.…


You have been given a front row seat to the coming return of Jesus. Listen to today’s message as Pastor Ray unfolds the word of God.
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