Posts from June 2022 (Page 2)

Posts from June 2022 (Page 2)

All images used to magnify meaning of the podcast.

The War For Truth PRAY

Join us for our weekly call-in prayer meeting that was held earlier this afternoon from 1-2 p.m.! God bless those who called and we pray that Jesus would encourage you to stand against evil as the dark forces descend our nation. Similar messages: Please Pray Join us for our weekly prayer meeting held earlier today!… I Can’t Pretend That Everything Is OK Our live prayer meeting from 1-2 PM on Fridays…. A God of Action God is calling us to…

A Black Horse

Do you have eyes to see where we’re at in this time and place? It’s time to enter the promised land!

If Holy Ann, You Can…

Let this wonderful story be unfolded by the Holy Spirit to break every misconception you’ve had about being a follower of Jesus.
All images used to magnify meaning of the podcast.

No New Message today

We had some technical challenges today with our computer connection to WAVA 780 and were unable to get it resolved in time for today’s broadcast. We’re continuing to work on this but will provide a youtube for tomorrow’s broadcast if we’re unable to air. We would encourage you to listen to our internet radio station, which just launched today. Similar messages: The Foreknowledge of God – 2005 God has a precise purpose for your life and mine, not so that…
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