Posts from May 2022

Posts from May 2022

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Do You Have The Courage To Pray?

Thank you for those called or listened to today’s call in prayer meeting. We need Jesus to awaken us out of our desperate lies that we’ve ingested into our souls. May Jesus have His way and call us onward, we desperately need you Jesus!
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Wake Up And Fight!

The call of the Spirit is to awaken from our slumber and fight against the wickedness in our modern church that result in lukewarmness.
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The End of the Age

We believe we are nearing the end of the age and want your heart to be on fire for Jesus. Please listen and consider this message today.
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Our call is to pray, pray, pray until Jesus hears our cries. Please join us in crying out to the Lord in our great time of need.
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How Do You Prepare For The End Of The World?

On today’s broadcast Pastor Ray walks us through Matthew 24 and the associated chapter in Luke 21. Listen to today’s message to understand the markers that are happening right now before our eyes. Have you been made righteous by Jesus? It’s a sweet call to come and get right with Jesus and stay right, all made possible through His power and might. How do you prepare for the end of the world? Well I’ll tell you, you go to the…
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