Posts from May 2021

Posts from May 2021

It Is Time To Pray

Thank you for those who called in today to pray for America and the world. We desperately need Jesus to send His Holy Spirit to rescue the church.

Are You Entitled?

Pastor Ray goes to the book Pilgrim’s Progress for some important lessons from the Interpreter (or Holy Spirit) such as waiting on God and foregoing our sense of entitlement. We must have a single-minded loyalty and determination to go all the way through with Jesus. We must not harden our hearts because we may become unable to repent. Are you willing to give up all entitlements or expectations you relish before its too late?

Simplified giving!

Another update May 14. We’ve had a bunch of changes over the last few months. If you’re new and you’d like to understanding more about giving, there’s a post and link under the “About Us” at the top and bottom of the page. Otherwise simply click the Green “Donate” command button at the top of the menu or the “Give” button directly on the bottom of the page and you’ll be taken to our page (which is hosted by…