Posts from March 2021

Posts from March 2021

God Will Bring About Justice

We had some technical challenges with the YouTube broadcast today (and it’s not available because of the audio problems) but today’s message is a much-listen. Pastor Ray goes to Luke 18 to lay out God’s justice (as opposed to the modern day social justice or our own sense of justice). After we fully understand this story, it will bring about deep humility of heart, as the publican had. Will you allow the Holy Spirit to bring conviction to your heart…

Driving God From His Sanctuary

Pastor Ray focuses on several chapters in Ezekiel highlighting the idolatry of Israel (and also us). It’s a must listen and sobering message. Are you willing to be brutally honest before God about your own condition?

The Church Wreck

Pastor Ray describes the current state of the church, the train wreck that it is. The sentimentality must be purged and an earnestness to serve and follow Jesus must appear out of the rubble. The term “cheap grace” became familiar through a book by Dietrich Bonhoeffer called “The Cost of Discipleship.” Bonhoeffer defined it as “the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without church discipline.” The last part of the message focuses on Romans 12, which is normative for a…

A New Kind of Church Born of Fire

Pastor Ray using the scriptures and the story of Charles Finney paints a picture of this new church born of fire looks like. Are you encouraged and willing to do whatever Jesus asks of you to bring this to pass?

The New Kind of Church is Born of the Spirit

Today’s very helpful message is to those who will fully give themselves over to Jesus. What is our role and that is to fully give ourselves over to Jesus and then to simply trust Jesus! In our can-do backgrounds, this is revolutionary, even though we likely already knew this. Put everything into Jesus’ hands today! Listen to the message and allow the Holy Spirit to show you where your heart is.

Lord Teach Me to Pray

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray walked through the Lord’s prayer and how we are we are to pray. Are you willing to pray this prayer? Lord, teach us to pray!

Where is God?

Pastor Ray asks the question where is God? There’s not a more important question that you or I could ask. If we want God’s presence, that will require repentance and a willingness to get right and stay right by the power of the blood of Jesus. A very important message, there’s a lot of meat.

Fruit Worthy of Repentance

The key word today is “dissonance” which is defined as an “inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one’s actions and one’s beliefs”. Pastor focuses on our unconscious ways or deliberate ways, which we must repent of. Listen closely to the broadcast, Jesus wants to set us totally free, if you’ll seek Him and of course repent. In short Jesus wants our walk and our talk to be totally congruent. How do you do stand today?

End Time Apostasy

Pastor Ray focuses today on the End Time apostasy, which has resulted in a lukewarm church with no power. Will you cry out for the church and allow the Holy Spirit to meld you down? Do you hear the lies of the modern church saying that there is no victory by the blood of Jesus. It’s time for victory in Jesus, do you have it? It’s time to awaken for many and cry out to Jesus.
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