Posts from February 2021

Posts from February 2021

Desires Without Obedience

Pastor Ray talks about the life of Peter and his denial of Jesus and subsequent transformation. We must all endure our own personal Gethsemane and allow Jesus to utterly transform us. Nothing was the same for Peter after that transformation took place and the same will hold true for you and I. Are you willing to be crucified with Christ?

Christ’s Claims

Today’s message is a warning to those who may be under the law and not know it. It’s also a call to come out from under the wrath of God, if that’s where you’re at. This requires an ever deepening repentance that is willing to go to the bottom. Pastor Ray takes a closer look at the claims that Jesus made, as well as those things He did.

Everybody Hurts Sometimes

Pastor Ray goes through the story of the blind man in John 5, who had been stricken for 38 years. Is there a hurt in your heart that only Jesus can heal? Are you willing to confess your sin and renounce it and give your life fully into the hand of Jesus? Do you want to get well?

Please Jesus, Answer My Prayer!

Pastor Ray’s message today primarily focuses on the parable of the rich young ruler in talking about this critical need of answering our prayers. Do you know what it will take for Jesus to step in and answer the cries of your heart? Are you willing to be absolutely honest with Jesus and willing to do whatever He tells you to do? If your answer is yes to these questions, than this message will revolutionize your prayer life as you…

There Is Great sin Among Us… Will You Pray

We had another critical prayer meeting today and you’re invited to call each Friday from 1-2 p.m. Are you concerned for the direction of America and will you cry out to Jesus that the church would turn back in full to Jesus?

The Coming of the Son of Man

How do we prepare for the coming of the Son of Man (i.e. Jesus)? The question is answered in Matthew 24, along with some other scriptures. May we prepared of our Lord by a full submission and a heart to serve Jesus in whatever way He asks of us.

The Desperate Need For Deep Conviction

Our great need and desire as Christians is to be baptized with the Spirit of God and have people we know and love finally give themselves fully to Jesus. For that great baptism to come, there must first be a desperation in our hearts and right now the American church, by and large, is dead, indifferent and focused on itself. This has to change. Is your heart on fire for Jesus? Todays message will prove to very beneficial to you…

My Great Agony of Soul

Pastor Ray shares his great agony of soul today. I’m sure that you will likely identify with many of the issues raised. For example, what is holiness and what holiness is not. Our first life is service and submission to Jesus. There is much wisdom in this message that will help you, I encourage you to listen. The great agony comes out of our erroneous assumptions, which must be laid down. May you fully submit to Jesus and worship Him…

The Reward of Consecration – 2004

Do you know what the reward of consecration is? Today’s message is critically important to understand how and when God will use crises in this pilgrim walk. May your heart melt as you listen to the message today.

Our Father Who Art in Heaven

Today’s broadcast was our regular regular Friday prayer meeting. May Jesus blessing rests on each of you who called in at the call of the Holy Spirit!

How Than Shall I Pray?

Today’s message focuses on what Jesus is asking from us (i.e. the Church) in light of the wickedness in the American church, using the story in Exodus along with many other scriptures. This is such a critical message and call to action. We must first repent of any judgments in our hearts and allow God to meld us down because the church must awaken from its slumber to face the living God. It’s time to cry out for the church,…
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