Posts from December 2020

Posts from December 2020

The First Work Repentance – 2004

The focus today is upon this first work of repentance using the story of the Samaritans and how Jesus moved in their midst. He contrasted how Jesus worked with the Samaritans with Simon Magus, one of the Magi. It’s a powerful message, which lead me to the scripture below. Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the LORD, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.  Hosea 10:12 (KJV)

The Light of the Gospel

Pastor Ray continues this series on the”baptism of the Holy Spirit” by addressing some questions raised by listeners from yesterday’s broadcast.This series will continue on Monday, January 4, as we’ll playing some wonderful sermons the next couple of days. f you’re unclear on the Biblical basis and background for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, then this message and one from yesterday will prove to be very beneficial for you. Happy New Year in Jesus!

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Ray introduces us (or reintroduces to) to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Listen to this foundational message, as the church is in desperate need of a true baptism of the Holy Spirit. This series will continue tomorrow but today’s primer will be a worthy review or may open your eyes to the key truths of entire sanctification, consecration and the baptism of the Holy Spirit…

The Sound of a Mighty Storm

The sound of a mighty storm is coming very soon to America. Pastor Ray uses Ezekiel 16 as the primary scriptural text today. Do you hear the storm coming and are you ready to stand? Now is the time of salvation! May we repent of our lukewarmness today!

The Death to the Sentimental Christmas – 2015

Since this broadcast in December 2015, we are in much more dire circumstances. We’re facing economic collapse, increasing wickedness in our government and culture and a church which appears to be indifferent to it all. Our prayer is that you will not be lost in the sentiment of Christmas but fully seeking after Jesus. God bless each one of us, will you join us in crying out for America? We also invite you to give at the call of the…

Found in Jesus – 2004

On today’s encore broadcast, Pastor Ray asks the question are found in Jesus or in something (or someone) else? Have you considered what Jesus is asking you to give to Him as a Christmas gift? Merry Christmas, may Jesus bless you as you listen and heed the call of the Holy Spirit. The call is to be found in Christ Jesus as we’re crucified with Him.

A Delusion Sent By God

Much of the American church have been stymied by a strong delusion in their walk with Jesus. Listen to today’s broadcast to hear what that delusion is, followed by a wonderful prayer meeting. Tomorrow and Friday’s broadcasts are prerecorded and you can listen live on WAVA 780 from 1-2 EST or they’ll be up on the website and all of podcasting venues after the broadcast on our website. God bless you all!

Sent From the Heart of God

The wonderful story of the birth of Jesus, how precious it is! Jesus is calling us to be like the wise men. Are you willing to open your treasures, not just your possessions but literally everything for the work of the Gospel. We pray that you’re obedient to what Jesus asks you to do, God bless you!

Our Hopes and Dreams

The Christian season helps identify our hopes and dreams but also highlights the pain of separation with Jesus. Jesus wants to bridge this gap in our hearts. Pastor Ray identifies some of the painful aspects of the Christmas story in the life of Mary and Joseph, as well as his own life. Jesus delivered Mary, even though it was painful in many ways. Jesus is absolutely faithful, will you entrust yourself to Him today?

Ask, Seek, Knock

We’re in desperate need of prayer in America, will you join us in crying out for revival in America? It’s a sobering time and Jesus wants us to ask, seek and knock with increasing intensity and importunity because only Jesus can rescue us. Thank you for those who called in to pray today.

It’s Clean Up Time

Jesus has come to clean up the modern American church, which has sought prosperity and success, rather than true holiness and humility. This requires a crucifixion. Will you allow Jesus to go all the way to the bottom, so that your heart can be exposed and subsequently changed by Jesus himself as you undergo the crucifixion?
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