Posts from November 2020

Posts from November 2020

A Heart Set on Fire!

The stirring story of King Josiah’s repentance and allowing His heart to be set on fire. We all have the same choice to make. Do you see the desperate need for repentance in your life? Will you be crucified with Christ, thereby allowing the fire of God to come and consume your heart, your time, your everything??

Wait Upon the Lord – 2019

We’re reposting this broadcast from June 2019, as we’re waiting upon the Lord for many things. It’s an encouraging teaching to understand what Jesus is doing in your life and mine. Will you wait upon the Lord, regardless of what the need may be?

A Covenant of Deliverance – 2005

Have you entered into a covenant of deliverance (i.e. the new covenant)? If so, praise the Lord and give Him thanks for this great work that He has done. If your answer is no, then today is the day of salvation for you! God bless you, happy Thanksgiving!

Shout For Joy to the Lord

Today’s broadcast was a special call-in prayer meeting, as the station will be closed tomorrow and Friday. Thank you for those who called. We’ll be broadcasting encore messages tomorrow and Friday and you can listen live from 1-2 p.m. at wava780.

Heal Our Land

What will it take for God to heal our land as laid out in 2 Chronicles 7:14? Listen to the broadcast today and find out. Are you willing to pay the cost whatever it may be?


Pastor Ray talks about the “dark winter” (a codeword explained in the broadcast) that will soon be upon us. Let this painful time be a time of total dependence upon the Lord and a much deeper level of repentance. May Jesus name be glorified as our hearts are humbled in the midst of these difficult times.

Take Authority In The Spirit – PRAY

A short teaching by Pastor Ray preceded a powerful prayer meeting today. Thank you to those precious ones who called in and today, may Jesus bless each one of you as you stand on His promises!

The Great Leaving

Are you willing to be single-minded in your life to pursue Jesus becoming a fisher of men as you leave everything else behind in relative importance. Listen to today’s broadcast to understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. “Without a great leaving, you cannot be a disciple of Jesus.” (Pastor Ray during today’s broadcast)

The Lincoln Dream, Dana Coverstone

Pastor Ray plays one of the latest dreams from Pastor Dana Coverstone, which is quite disturbing and a clear warning that we should heed. We pray that it will awaken you to cry out against the onslaught of wickedness in America. Have you awaken from your slumber and will you be crucified with Christ? It’s time to get exceedingly serious with Jesus, are you willing to do that?

Confronting Worldly Attachments

As the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus were real historical events, the same must be true for our crucifixion and resurrection with Jesus. Have you been crucified with Jesus and is that evident in your behavior and attitudes? Have you let your mind and body to be shaped by the cross? Is it shaped by Jesus or some worldly thing??

Shaped By The Cross, Arthur Blessitt

Pastor Ray shares the awesome testimony of Arthur Blessitt followed by much of his own personal testimony. Brother Blessitt is still carrying the cross of Jesus and you can follow him on his website.  Are you taking up your cross and following after Jesus, as the Holy Spirit calls you to do? Have you allowed the cross to shape you into a gentle humble soul, full of the love of Jesus (and crucified with Christ)?
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