Posts from November 2020

Posts from November 2020

Wait Upon the Lord – 2019

We’re reposting this broadcast from June 2019, as we’re waiting upon the Lord for many things. It’s an encouraging teaching to understand what Jesus is doing in your life and mine. Will you wait upon the Lord, regardless of what the need may be? Related posts: Why Do You Call Me Lord? Are you hiding behind a bunch of “buts”?… Learning to Wait on God (June 22, 2014) Let the Holy Spirit teach you how to wait on God as…

Take Authority In The Spirit – PRAY

A short teaching by Pastor Ray preceded a powerful prayer meeting today. Thank you to those precious ones who called in and today, may Jesus bless each one of you as you stand on His promises! Related posts: If Ever We Needed To Pray… It’s time to pray!… What It Means to Pray Through – B.H. Clendennen (1975) One of the best sermons on the topic of “praying through”… We Must See into the Realm of the Spirit Listen closely…

Save Us O Lord, We Pray

The Lord met us during today’s prayer meeting. Thank you for calling and praying at the call of the Holy Spirit. Related posts: The Word of the Lord – 2004 Do you understand what the “word of the Lord” is? A must-listen broadcast…. Lord Teach Me to Pray On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray walked through the Lord’s prayer and how we are we are to pray. Are you willing to pray this prayer? Lord, teach us to pray!… You Must…
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