Posts from October 2020

Posts from October 2020

Rend Your Heart, Pray

Today’s broadcast was a short message from Amos Chapter 5 followed by prayer. Thank you to those who support this ministry and keep it going at the call of the Holy Spirit.

On Our Faces

Thank you to those who called and prayed at the call of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Ray will host another live call in prayer meeting tomorrow.

Prepare to Meet Thy God

The title of today’s message is from Amos Chapter 4. It’s time to prepare ourselves fully and allow the Holy Spirit to go all the way to the bottom, if that work has not completed in your heart. Judgment is at the door, are you ready to meet Jesus?

It Is Time For You To Move Out Of Your Life

Pastor Ray’s message is a call to consecrate ourselves fully to Jesus, are you willing at least to be made willing? If your answer is yes, then let the Holy Spirit quicken this message to your heart. His heart is that you would be set free to serve him.

Only One Way Out

There is only way out of the death sentence caused by sin. Listen to today’s message and find out what Jesus is asking for from you and me. Are you willing to pay whatever cost required to get close to Jesus?

“A Nation Divided SHALL NOT STAND” Pastor Dana Coverstone

Pastor Ray played the dream given to Pastor Dana Coverstone and then offered some insightful commentary. It’s a must listen. The old nature must be totally crucified by Jesus Christ (see Romans 6). We invite you to call into tomorrow or Friday’s prayer meeting from 1-2pm (EST) on WAVA 780 AM.

Blind to Reality

Are you aware of the death sentence against to? If you’re blind to this reality you need the gospel and we encourage you to listen and ask the Holy Spirit to quicken today’s message to your heart.

I Can’t Even Walk Without You

Pastor Ray talks about our great need for the baptism of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Great Commission, which is the call to the entire body of Christ (See Ephesians 4). We can’t do this in our own power and might. Do you sense the great need of the Holy Spirit in your life. Will you join with us in crying out for the power of the Holy Spirit (see Acts 1:8) for the lost and dying?

If Ever There Was a Time to Pray

Pastor Ray clarified a couple of questions about some recent messages during the first part of the broadcast and we had a good time in prayer. God bless those who called in for prayer and we truly appreciate your prayers for the nation and for us during this pivotal time.

Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy

Pastor Ray uncovers the lies of the devil that keep us from the joy of Jesus. Listen to the message and determine in your heart to pray through til victory comes. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and He wants to accomplish that work in your heart! Will you let Him do it?
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