Posts from September 2020

Posts from September 2020

Pray In The Spirit

Thank you to those who called into the live prayer meeting at the call of the Holy Spirit. God bless you all! Related posts: You Are Welcome To Pray Join us in prayer that Jesus will overpower the forces of darkness arrayed against America…. If Ever We Needed To Pray… It’s time to pray!… Birthing Revival Are you a Hannah or an Eli? We’re called to be the bride of Christ, have you left the altar?…

are you ready? Are You Ready? ARE YOU READY???

Today’s message is a cry from the heart of Jesus to prepare for His return. Are you ready??? Related posts: How to Be Happy – 2006 There is true happiness in Jesus…. What Must I Do to Be Saved? Is Christ’s yoke an iron collar of duty to you, or is your delight in the will of God? Where’s your heart with Jesus today as you listen to the… Dressed and Ready Please open your Bibles to Revelation Chapter 16…

Nothing to Prove, Prayer Time

Thank you to those who called in to pray despite some technical problems, God bless you all. Related posts: Welcome to the Hour of Prayer Thank you to those precious ones who called in today at the call of the Holy Spirit. Will you awaken from your slumber, if that’s your condition? Ask Jesus to… It’s Time to Get Real Today’s critical message is from Romans Chapter 10. Many in the church have falsely believed that they’re saved and this…
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