Posts from September 2020

Posts from September 2020

Pray In The Spirit

Thank you to those who called into the live prayer meeting at the call of the Holy Spirit. God bless you all! Related posts: My God, In Whom I Trust The Lord met us as we prayed, come join us every Friday 1-2 on WAVA 780, also on YouTube Live…. Come, Let Us Pray! More prayer!… Prayer and Fasting Another prayer meeting!…

are you ready? Are You Ready? ARE YOU READY???

Today’s message is a cry from the heart of Jesus to prepare for His return. Are you ready??? Related posts: The End of All Things Is Near Today’s broadcast was a warning for us to prepare and stay ready, as the end of all things is upon us. Are you ready for Jesus to come and have… Prepare to Meet Thy God The title of today’s message is from Amos Chapter 4. It’s time to prepare ourselves fully and allow…

Nothing to Prove, Prayer Time

Thank you to those who called in to pray despite some technical problems, God bless you all. Related posts: We Pray With Our Eyes On Jesus Join us for a replay of today’s live prayer meeting…… It’s Time to Get Real Jesus wants to save you from your sin, have you let Him do that in your life?… Prayer and Fasting Another prayer meeting!…
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