Posts from September 2020

Posts from September 2020

Wait For The Lord!

Pastor Ray focuses on the great need of Pentecost and shares a couple of stories, one about Rees Howells and the other one about Charles Finney. Listen closely to the message and be encouraged to die out or make a once-for-all unconditional surrender to Jesus.

I Am Sick Of Humanism In The Church

Pastor Ray lays out a very detailed definition of humanism and provides a story from the scripture that lays out this stench, along with additional scriptural references. There is no room for humanism in the church and our life must be found in Jesus. Are you willing to renounce all humanism in your life?

The Bride Of Jesus Revived

Today’s message provides the reason the bride of Christ is not currently revived. Pastor Ray includes Dana Coverstone’s September 24 dream at the beginning of the broadcast, along with an interpretation. Jesus wants to awaken the church but are you willing to pay the cost? If your answer is yes, then Jesus desires to revive you!

Pray In The Spirit

Thank you to those who called into the live prayer meeting at the call of the Holy Spirit. God bless you all!

So You Want A Meeting With God?

Pastor Ray poses this very serious question and then uses the story of a famous king to answer the question. Be diligent to seek the Lord with all of your heart.

The Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord

The title of today’s broadcast is from Joel 2 (and is also stated in Acts 2). Using the book of Daniel, Pastor Ray parallels those stories and the great and terrible day of the Lord, which is upon us. Are you ready?

Sitting In The Ashes of My Life

Another message is this powerful series featuring the sixth chapter of Romans, among many others. If you’re sitting in the ashes of your life, then this message is for you.

Sudden Destruction

Pastor Ray begins by talking about current events and then goes back to Romans 6, because that’s the core issue the Holy Spirit has raised. Have you been crucified with Christ? Another important message in this series from Romans, especially Chapter 6. Would encourage you to listen to the whole thing if you’ve not been to do so.

No Culture of Sin Called Grace

The Holy Spirit uncovers the lie of being under grace and sin. There must be a crucifixion as there is no victory in legalism or in the sinning Christian belief system that denigrates the blood of Jesus. Are you willing to be crucified with Christ? (Note: This is a continuation in the series of Romans.)
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