Posts from August 2020

Posts from August 2020

A Biting, Binding, Horrible Thing

What is this biting, binding, horrible thing that Pastor Ray is referencing? Yes, it’s sin and sin always causes death unless it’s been repented of and forsaken. Do you need victory today, then this message is for you!

Unearth The Seed Of Destruction

This miniseries on the life of Gideon concludes with a message on pride and its utter destructiveness. Have you allowed the Holy Spirit to unearth the seed of destruction in your life? (Note: The series on Gideon includes all of the broadcasts from this week.)

Deliverance Only From The Hand Of God

Pastor Ray continues the story of Gideon today and his call to battle. That’s now the call of every Christian against the deluge of wickedness. We’re called to walk into this battle with a spirit of love, the spirit of Jesus.

Oh God, Give Us A Backbone!

Pastor Ray continues with the story of Gideon today and relates that story to our desperate need to have a backbone. If you missed yesterday’s broadcast, we’d recommend that you listen to that broadcast as well.

America Is Hanging In The Balance

On today’s broadcast, the Holy Spirit provides a prophetic parallel to Gideon and the wickedness we now face in America. A must-listen broadcast but the key thing is what will you do?

If My People Will Pray

Today’s broadcast was another live prayer meeting. Thank you to those who called in, our nation desperately needs God to intervene. God bless you all.

Be Not Afraid!

The most common command in the scriptures is the command “Be not afraid.” Jesus knows your heart and mine and we need to ask Him to remove all fear so that we can stand and do His will during the difficult days ahead. May today’s message provide courage in your heart to fully trust Jesus.

To Survive You Must Enter The Rest Of God

Listen closely to today’s broadcast. We must all enter into the Sabbath. May the message encourage you to fully trust Jesus and to give yourself to Him. (Our prayer meeting will be on Friday as normally scheduled.)

The Storm Is Upon Us, Will You Survive?

Today’s broadcast is a follow-up to yesterday’s broadcast concerning Pastor Dana Coverstone’s dream about events he saw in October. Where is your trust, is it in Jesus?? A straight but encouraging word from Pastor Ray to exhort you (and I) to fully put your trust in Jesus!

Jesus Only Jesus

Today’s broadcast was a live call in prayer meeting. Thank you to those who participated. May Jesus meet you as you seek after Him!
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