Posts from July 2020

Posts from July 2020

Come, Please Pray!

Pastor Ray began the broadcast with a praise report that radio is covered for July. Thank you all! He followed that with a quick discussion of a prophetic dream given to Pastor Dana Coverstone in recent days concerning September. In the dream, he exhorts the church to do three things: Pray that the church will rise up with a strong backbone. Pray that all corruption be exposed in the church, which includes all who name the name of Jesus as…

The Forces of Evil Are Gathering

Today’s message is to the church and the question is how do we face these forces of evil that are arrayed against us. Listen to the message to find out the answer. Are you willing to pay whatever cost the Lord asks in this battle against the principalities and powers of the evil one?

Are You Blocked Out of God’s Presence?

Are you blocked out of God’s presence? If it’s unclear to you, then we strongly recommend you to listen to today’s message. It’s a very sobering time and we must prepare our hearts to meet Jesus.

The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength!

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s broadcast. The joy of the lord becomes our strength as we renounce all sin, all attempts to provide for ourselves. This requires repentance and submission and once the work is complete the joy becomes palpable. Be blessed as you listen to today’s broadcast.

Has the Devil Deceived You?

Today Pastor Ray begins a new mini-series on the lies that Satan has deceived us with. I’d strongly encourage you to listen to all of it, as the Holy Spirit opens up Genesis 3.

The Fullness of the Beatitudes – 2017 Rebroadcast

This is our third encore or broadcast from the Sermon on the Mount. In this broadcast, Pastor Ray uses some insights from a book written by holiness evangelist G.D. Watson entitled “Love Abounding” and lays out a framework for the beatitudes, which are stepping stones in the Spirit. Have you allowed Jesus to complete this inner work in your heart? Thank you to those who have prayed Pastor Ray is improving and we hope he’s back live next week. God…

Absolute Surrender – 2017

This encore sermon reminded me of an old book with the same title written by Andrew Murray, first published in 1895. The call of the gospel is to an absolute surrender, and we don’t know the breadth of this until Jesus begins dealing with our ways. It’s sometimes exceedingly painful but the purpose of Jesus is to destroy the works of the devil in our hearts, will you let him do that today? Pastor Ray was unable to be on…

The Voice of God in the Storm!

Do you see the incredible storm that we’re now in the midst of? Our way out is an all-out surrender and submission to Jesus. Jesus is the only one who can bring us through to the other side. Have you fully put your life into His mighty hands?

The Midnight Hour

If you’re a Christian, the midnight hour is upon us and you decide to either awaken or be swept away. Listen closely to this exhortation today and call in to pray on tomorrow’s broadcast from 1-2 pm (EST). If you would like to pray, please call the radio station during the program (877-534-0780).

Suffocating Indifference – 2014

Are you on fire for Jesus and is that heart decision reflected in your deeds and in your behavior? If not, perhaps you’ve suffered this suffocating indifference in your soul. Listen to this sermon and allow the Holy Spirit to quicken it to your heart and remove all of the dross.
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