Posts from June 2020

Posts from June 2020

Brace Yourself!

Today’s broadcast focuses in part to a prophetic word given to Pastor Dana Coverstone Do you understand that judgment is imminent for America and will you awaken from your slumber? Consider this word carefully.

The Brakes Are Off

Pastor Ray continues with this series concerning Elijah. Do you see that the brakes are off both for America and the American church?

Facing the Giants

The Elijah series continues and we must face the giants as he did, not to be all he could be but for the kingdom of God. We must let go of all that is false or worldly and hold onto Jesus. Have you made the decision to face the giants come what may in your life?

You Must Have A Deep Inner Calling

The series on the life of Elijah continues, and Pastor Ray lays out this deep inner calling or passion for Jesus that leads us to the cross. This is a work that Jesus wants to do in your heart, if you’re willing to pay the price.

The Encouragement of God

The series on Elijah continues today and Pastor Ray looks closely as to what happened when Elijah came to the end of himself. Have you come to the end of yourself?

The Chaff He Will Burn

Thank you for those who called into today’s prayer meeting.In addition, Pastor Ray shared from Matthew Chapter 3. Thank you to those who called in to pray.

I Am Angry, I’ve Had Enough!

Have you enough of the devil and his minions and all of his efforts to kill, steal and destroy America. The battle is on and our only hope is crying out to Jesus for His deliverance. Will you cry out for Jesus to rescue America?

We Will Pay the Price For Our Sin

Today is the third broadcast is a series featuring Elijah’s life. The message from Elijah to the people of Israel is the same to the American church. Now is the time we need to pray and cry out for God’s mercy.

Victory Through Submission

The key to the victorious life in Christ, is submission to Jesus versus submission to our own whims and desires. Listen to this powerful message concerning Elijah.

How Shall We Pray?

God bless those who called in to pray today. We pray that this spirit of prayer would continue to grow in all of our hearts as we cry out to Jesus to rescue the church from this perilous position we’re now in.

Why Will Ye Die?

The title of today’s broadcast is from a passage in Ezekiel but the primary message is from the book of Daniel. Do you see the handwriting over the American church and are you willing to repent?
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