Posts from May 2020

Posts from May 2020

Humble Prayer

Today’s broadcast was a live prayer meeting. Thank you for those who were willing to pray over the air. Please continue to pray as we need Jesus to intervene on America’s behalf, will you do that?

Prayer: The Place of Crushing

Today is the third broadcast in this series on prayer. As prayer was the place of crushing for Jesus, so it is for us as well. Have you been crushed at Gethsemane?

The Most Dangerous Prayer

Yesterday Pastor Ray walked us through the Old Testament model of prayer. If you missed it, we would encourage to listen to it as well. Today, the focus shifts to the New Testament and the Lord’s prayer, along with a detailed explanation of many of the words. Have you asked that God’s kingdom to come and His will be done in your life? That’s not optional, if you wish to be part of the kingdom of God! It’s time to…

Prayer for Dummies

Today broadcast is a primer on the topic of prayer and is the first in a series. May the cry of your heart and mine be “Lord teach me to pray.”

Redeem Us Oh Lord! (Friday prayer meeting)

The cry of our heart must be redeem us oh Lord from the wickedness in the land, redeem those that are dear and precious to us and redeem us from ourselves. The Lord met us today as several precious saints of the Lord called in to pray. Be blessed as you listen today to the cries of their hearts.

The Day of the Lord!

Today Pastor Ray goes into much more depth from the book of Malachi. Do your actions reflect a contempt for the Lord by your stinginess and unwillingness to give at the call of the Holy Spirit? Listen intently and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart.

First Fruits: A Spiritual Gateway

On today’s broadcast Pastor Ray talks about First Fruits which were defined by Noah Webster as “The fruit or produce first matured and collected in any season.”  By understanding and then giving to God our first fruits opens a spiritual gateway where God can not only provide for us but totally transform us into his image. Be blessed today as you listen to the broadcast!

What Is Your Life Purpose?

Using three parables from the book of Matthew, Pastor Ray lays out the primary purpose of our lives (if you’ve fully given yourself into the hands of Jesus). Have you made that unequivocal surrender? Be encouraged today to fully given yourself into the hands of Jesus.

Visions Of Joe Brandt In 1937: California Sinking

Today Pastor Ray shares the dreams of a man named Joe Brandt and the upcoming judgments of God upon America. The complete writing is also attached (Full dream of Joe Brandt). In addition, he covers a powerful story from evangelist Dr. Charles S. Price. Are you ready to meet Jesus?

We Must Have Faith From God To Pray

Today’s broadcast was a prayer meeting with a short teaching by Pastor Ray on what blocks us from receiving God’s faith to pray. Be blessed today as you listen. Thank you for the dear ones who called in to pray.

Are You Concerned About Your Salvation?

Today’s message focuses about whether we’re concerned about our salvation. Is your relationship with Jesus your primary focus or is there something else in the way of that. It’s time for us to get very serious about our walk with Jesus as times get harder. Ask Jesus to increase His zeal in your heart as you listen to today’s message.

Shameless Prayer of Victory

Today’s broadcast is for that person who is desperate for Jesus to move on behalf of a loved one or someone else close to you or some critical need. If you want to be serious in prayer, then today’s broadcast is for you. God bless you today, as you listen and heed the call of the Holy Spirit.
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