Posts from September 2019

Posts from September 2019

Living in Jesus

Listen closely particularly to Romans 8 for a startling revelation and the two-fold purpose of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The Peter Package

Pastor Ray continues with the series entitled “Two Baptisms.” The first part of the broadcast Pastor lays out the “Peter Package” followed by an introduction to key parts of Romans. Related posts: Intercession for Dunkirk (Encore) Today’s broadcast is a follow-up from yesterday and continues with an expansion of this assurance that comes as we are fully given into the hand of Jesus. The specific topic… Resetting Our Moral Compass (Encore) Will you let him take you low enough so…

Don’t Ask God to Help You

Pastor Ray continues the series on the two baptisms, we highly suggest that you listen closely to today’s message to understand the basis for the title. Related posts: Conditions for Real Faith? Willing to meet the conditions for real faith?… Get Out of Jail Free – 2007 If you feel that you’re in a prison of sorts as a follower of Jesus, then we’d highly suggest that you invest the time to listen to today’s encore sermon…. Repentance, with Richard…

Real Christianity

Pastor Ray looks at what is real Christianity and what does that require of us who want to actually follow Jesus?
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