Posts from March 2019

Posts from March 2019

My Sin

When a person recognizes, “It’s my sin that nailed Jesus to the cross,” it ignites a desire to stop sinning and be holy. Related posts: The End of Self-Help (2012) Have you come to an end of yourself or are you still trying to carry a heavy load???… Jesus, Redeemer and Judge Jesus is still a redeemer but is coming as the judge of all the earth soon. Are you ready?… The Number One Issue Facing America (October 2014) America’s…

Friendship with Jesus

Friendship with Jesus includes friendship with the poor. Related posts: How to Be Happy – 2006 There is true happiness in Jesus…. The Compassion of Jesus (2004) Does the compassion of Jesus pour through your belly?… The Heart of Jesus Do you see yourself the way that Jesus sees you?…

Christ In You

Pastor Ray continues the book of the Colossians with a focus on the Scripture, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Related posts: Entering the Suffering of Christ What does the suffering of Christ entail and are you willing to enter into it, regardless of the cost?… The Two-Fold Work of Jesus Christ (December 2016) Do you understand the two-fold work of Christ?… Married to the Devil? Are you willing to end the wasted years you’ve spent being married to…
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