Posts from October 2016

Posts from October 2016

Words of Life (Ephesians 5)

Will you make the decision to be both thoughtful and deliberate in your speech, so that you remain in the presence of Jesus, and bring others to Him?

Heart Purity

The normal Christian experience is to walk in the joy of heart purity, knowing that the heart is totally separated from lust for the world and completely consecrated to Jesus Christ.

Jesus’ Banner of Love

The work of God will never be accomplished in our lives until we allow the Holy Spirit total, unconditional possession of our bodies.

Joyous Victory! (2005)

Listen intently with the question what is Holy Ann’s secret to her walk with Jesus and you will be both surprised and humbled.

Quickened by Christ

Will you give your body to the Holy Spirit? Will you let him live in your body just as really as he lived in the body of Jesus Christ?

Get to Jesus!

Has the supernatural work of God transformed you into a new creature in Christ? Or have you just used a little bit of Jesus spray paint to gussy up the old man?