Posts from September 2016

Posts from September 2016

Taking the Lord at His Word (Encore)

Is your faith a mere mental assent, or do you operate as if the promises of God are reality? God is willing to save and sanctify us completely. Do you believe it? Will you confess your pride, and let God do what he has promised?

The Bitterness of a Hard Heart (Encore)

Like King Asa, we can begin with a humble heart and even see God move in great power in our lives, but we can allow ourselves to become so hardened by pride that we stubbornly refuse to seek God, and ultimately die in bitterness.

Two Roads to Holiness (January 2007)

Listen to this sermon from January 2007 and allow the Holy Spirit to show you which road you’re on. I believe this message will be helpful if you hear the cry of the Holy Spirit and allow Jesus to fully remove this Pharisaical spirit.

Faith and Works (James 2)

Words without action are cheap and God (as well as the devil) are NOT concerned by what we do, not by what we say. Are your words and your deeds congruent?

Preparation for Revival, Part 2 (Encore)

Today’s sermon is Part 2 in the preparation for revival mini-series. Pastor Ray goes to John 17 to lay out Jesus plan for revival in your heart and mine. Will you allow Jesus to bring revival to your life and to those around you?

The Devil Is in the Expectations (James 1)

When we willingly lay down our demands of how life should be and how other people should behave, we can walk in love and be totally cleansed from depravity and moral uncleanness through the precious blood of Jesus.