Posts from August 2016

Posts from August 2016

Entering by the Promise!

During today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray talks about entering into the life of Christ, which comes through crucifixion (by Jesus) and a quick transition to entering into the promises of God.

Hearing Jesus

It’s time to no longer let the devil steal from us and allow Jesus full control and He will remove the stones, the thistles and the thorns in our hearts!

Loving My Beloved

Settle the issue with Jesus whether you will give Him full reign over your life (and do it!) and watch as He comes to renovate your life (generally He does it one room (or area) at a time).

Walk Out Your Faith! (2005)

We must unabashedly seek Jesus to heal our blindness and walk out our faith as well. There’s a humbling that must take place before God and others so that God can change us.

Blessing or Curses? (2004)

We are just like the Israelites and we will determine, by whether we choose to obey God’s commands, to allow the blessings of God to permeate our lives or the curses will begin to come upon us.

A Non-Homogenized Gospel! (May 1, 2012)

Today’s title tells it all. Pastor Ray presents a clear, straight presentation of the Gospel that is not homogenized with the wickedness of our culture or the age in which we live. Listen to the good news and make a decision to follow Jesus today! Related posts: What Is the Bedrock of the Gospel? Victory over sin through the blood of Jesus now that dear one is the Gospel!… One Gospel What’s the true gospel?… The One True Gospel The…