Posts from July 2016

Posts from July 2016

The Rhema of God (Hebrews 11)

In today’s sermon, Pastor Ray clearly articulate two critically important Greek words, which are logos and rhema. It’s important to know both of them in detail. The call of the Holy Spirit is to distinguish those rhema words from God versus the mundane and unimportant things and to cast those things aside. 

A Mind That Understands! (2004)

We can easily get off track in our walk with Jesus when we focus either on the past or the future, which leads us into taking control of our lives again as we begin once again to believe the lies of the devil.

Jesus Is the Foundation of Life (Encore)

On today’s encore broadcast, Pastor Ray uses a story from that wonderful book, Remarkable Miracles and G.C. Bevington. Is Jesus the foundation of your life or do you have some other foundation? 

Continuation of Hebrews Study

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray continues from the broadcast on Wednesday. Please prayerfully listen. Pastor spends a good bit of time discussing and contrasting Cain versus Abel and we must make that decision as Abel did to fully surrender our lives and all that we have to God.

The Journey of Faith (Hebrews 11:1-3)

Today’s sermon is an expansion of the Wednesday broadcast on Hebrews 11. Pastor Ray unveils an explanation of faith and a word by word definition of each word in the Greek. Go to a Strong’s concordance and follow along. Pastor Ray gives an example of faith in action and something that was not faith. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to understand this, I assure you it’s quite shocking but glorious nonetheless…

Shipwrecked? (2006)

Pastor Ray takes an objective look at the life of Peter and to briefly summarize the sermon, Peter was unwilling to deal with his pride and wanted to serve Jesus in his flesh.