Posts from June 2016

Posts from June 2016

Growing Up in Jesus

Listen to the broadcast and hear about the linear nature of the Gospel, Jesus doesn’t leave us to die in our sin. Jesus came to sózó (save) us.

Walk by the Words of Jesus

We must measure our lives by the words of Jesus and His supernatural work and not by what we think or feel.  Pastor explains the process of being saved, through the story of Peter and the infirmed woman in Luke 13. He also explains and distinguishes atonement versus redemption. Listen to the message slowly and let the Holy Spirit teach you. Related posts: A Living Hope (April 2017) Are you staying under the commands of Jesus or are you in…

Becoming Sure of Jesus

Today’s welcome is from Psalms 112 if you’d like to follow along. Related posts: Is It Too Hard to Follow Jesus? (2011) You must make a decision to be crucified with Christ and it only becomes hard to follow Jesus when we’re walking under the law…. On the Day I Called, You Answered Me Today’s welcome is from Psalms 138, get your Bible and listen!… The Purpose of God (James 1) This audio file contains the welcome by Sister Kathryn…

Secrets of the Heart

Pastor Ray lays out what the word of God does as we mature in Jesus. It uncovers those poison pills (or things that would do us or others harm) and uncovers those secret treasures that we can cling to. He uses the story of Naaman, the great commander of Aram 2 Kings 5) to illustrate the process that God wants to take us through, to grow us into men and women of God. Related posts: Precious Treasures of the Heart…