Posts from May 2016

Posts from May 2016

Does Jesus Answer Prayers? (Encore)

Does Jesus actually step into time and space to change you and you circumstances? Do you believe that he can? Listen to another story from the book Remarkable Miracles by G.C. Bevington and see how Jesus wants to personally intervene in your life to change your heart and your mind and turn your eyes toward heaven.

A Made Up Mind?

Once we make that once-for-all covenant with Jesus to belong to Him, He will bring us through come what may!


Here’s part of the welcome from Sister Kathryn today, where she’s talking about Isaiah 43 and the year of Jubilee!

Is It Over for You (and Me)? (Encore)

Can the divine power of God change the atmosphere in a man’s heart and consequently change the nation as well? (If you’re heavily steeped in sin, do you believe that Jesus can rescue you?)

Amazing Grace! (October 14, 2015)

Listen to this inspiring story of repentance, forgiveness, redemption and the Lord’s Amazing Grace and make the decision to fully give yourself into the hand of Jesus.

The Atmosphere of Your Soul

There is an atmosphere of righteousness when we choose to fully give ourselves into the hand of Jesus and there’s the atmosphere of wickedness when we give ourselves into the hand of Satan.