Posts from April 2016

Posts from April 2016

The Word Shall Go Forth (Encore)

This one family refuses to give into fatalism. They have learned that they can make an impact for Jesus, as they simply yield to Him. Will you yield to God’s plan for your life?

Walking in the Light

“We must depart from ourselves in order to enter into Him. This exit and entrance is the basis and most essential act of godliness because by it, we restore to God what is His-I mean ourselves, thoroughly, wholly and irrevocably.” Gerhard Tersteegen

The Wonder of Jesus Christ (Encore)

In this message, Pastor Ray talks about the wonder of Jesus and what He is doing at present in your life and mine. Listen to the broadcast and be encouraged to follow Jesus! The good news is that Jesus ultimately  wins!

Found in Christ Jesus

Cry out for understanding and allow the Holy Spirit to draw this line of demarcation between walking in the Spirit versus walking in the flesh.

The Gift of Losing My Will

Pastor Ray continues the illumination of the parable of the sower in Luke Chapter 8. The key to the parable of the sower is a willingness to suffer, as we deny ourselves take up our cross and follow Jesus.

Parable of the Sower

Today’s broadcast, as well as tomorrow’s broadcast, begin to deal with the parable of the sower in Mark 4. We must make that decision to be good soil with the full realization that it will cost everything for that to happen. Listen to the message and make a determination in your heart to fully give everything into His hand.