Posts from March 2016

Posts from March 2016

Isn’t Jesus Amazing?

Will you allow Jesus to bring you to the end of yourself where I pray you will conclude that “Isn’t Jesus Amazing?” like Peter or will you be a Judas?

The Revolutionary Resurrection!

After our crucifixion, Jesus brings to a place where our lives totally revolve around Him and His body (i.e., the church). There’s such an incredible work that Jesus wants to do in us, if we’ll simply yield and surrender to Him.

No More Fiat Christianity!

Pastor Ray asks the question if we have a “fiat” Christian life, that is not backed by anything other than religious gibberish and wishful intentions?

Life of Elizabeth Baxter

Elizabeth Baxter made this transformation from “I am” it’s all about me to that of the real “I am” the all powerful God, have you allowed God to do this great work in your heart?