Posts from February 2016

Posts from February 2016

The Call of the Elijah Company

This is a continuation of the series on the call of the Elijah company. Pastor Ray provides an overview of prior broadcast and lays out the elements required to be a part of the Elijah company. Are you willing to allow Jesus to make you a member of the Elijah company or is there something more important to you than that? Related posts: The Days of Elijah (2009) Will you be a part of the Elijah company, understanding that it…

More about the Elijah Company

re called to become part of the Elijah company, even though at it may at times appear that death may overwhelm us. We must allow Jesus to become our food and drink, if we are to be sustained.

The Three Stages of Life

Are you willing to go all the way with Jesus and fully surrender everything into his hand or are you going to go halfway because your life is about your happiness and consumption?