The Crooked Lane

12-15-2016 - The Crooked Lane - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

After Bunyan’s Christian and Hopeful leave the Delectable Mountains, they meet a pilgrim named Ignorance from the Country of Conceit. He entered the way by a crooked lane instead of the narrow gate. Ignorance refused to be convinced that he would be unable to enter the Celestial City unless he was crucified with Christ and born again. If you believe that Jesus was literally punished for your past, present, and future sins; that his obedience is credited to you; and that you will always be a sinner until you die; then you are following in the steps of Ignorance. Will you, like him, reply, “Follow the religion of your country, and I will follow the religion of mine?” Or, will you decide to hate sin and forever forsake it?