The Wages of Anger

The Wages of Anger

By nature, man is born with a selfishness that says, “I will have my way, and if you’re in my way, I’m going to take you out.” Sin is selfishness. And part of sin is anger that arises when, “I can’t have my way.” This anger can manifest as rage, bitterness, withdrawal, depression, or indifference. In every case, anger takes us into death. Do you want intimacy with Jesus? If so, you must let Him remove all anger from your heart and soul.


    scott dove

    Hello Pastor Ray. I am grateful that the Holy Spirit used you today to speak to my heart through the broadcast today. Please pray that God will help me to speak of Jesus and not give in to fear.

      Michael Lillie

      Thank you for writing Scott. We will be sure to lift up your prayer corporately at our next gathering (Friday night). We will be standing with you that Jesus will hear your prayer and empower you to proclaim His name. Among other verses, we will stand on the promise where it says, God did not give us the spirit of timidity (fear), but of power, love and self discipline. Rest in Jesus Scott.

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