The Normalcy Bias Must End in the Body of Christ in America

1-12-2016 The Normalcy Bias Must End in America - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

We have been warned: destruction is upon us in America. We see in Europe today the consequences of Nations turning from God. This is all coming to America if we do not repent and return to morality. A young woman publicly prophesied this past September that she was having dreams and visions of an American Holocaust. She is not the only one having these visions. As we see Europe crashing and our Christian culture in the West being extinguished, it is clear what is coming to the U.S, if we do not have a sweeping move towards God. In this radio transmission Pastor Ray Greenley discusses Modern Day Slavery, Christian Persecution and the loss of freedoms in the Western Nations. Listen to Pastor Ray explain how the simultaneous culmination of these events is not coincidental. They have been visited on us because of our half-converted state.