Isn’t Jesus Amazing?

Isn’t Jesus Amazing?

In today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray discusses the resurrection of Jesus and specifically Peter’s struggles as he denied Jesus three times. In the midst of extremely painful circumstances, Peter made the choice to fully surrender to Jesus after he had come to the utter end of himself. Jesus went to the heart issue of Peter where he wanted to please others and wanted to be accepted. Jesus must bring us to an absolute end of ourselves where we must enter the night of our soul, which is where we utterly face our lostness before a Holy God. In that dark night, we must finally determine in our hearts whether we will fully serve and give ourselves fully to Jesus or will we be a Judas, who is bitter and angry because Jesus failed to meet his expectations.

Will you allow Jesus to bring you to the end of yourself where I pray you will conclude that “Isn’t Jesus Amazing?” like Peter or will you be a Judas, that choice is yours for eternity? I pray you make the decision the prodigal son made (which was the same as Peter’s decision) to not be a pig but simply heed the call to be a son. In that painful place, you will be able to know in your heart beyond the shadow of any doubt that Jesus is amazing!! Amen to the Holy name of Jesus!


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