Married to the Devil? (June 2004)

Married to the Devil? (June 2004)

This is another Saturday classic sermon. This is one of the more terrifying messages you will ever hear and it’s simply another message to the half-converted Christian. We must choose to be united with Jesus in death where we are fully given to Him in ALL things or in the alternative we are simply married to the devil. May you make that decision to fully consecrate yourself to the Lord Jesus and be set free by the wonder working power of the blood of Jesus.

In America, we’ve come up with a third alternative, which isn’t in the scriptures, that says we can worship ourselves our talents, our abilities, all of the things that God has blessed us with, whether we’re cognitive of that fact or not. This third alternative is just a veil for being married to the devil.

Cry out to Jesus for enmity against all sin and this marriage to the devil in your heart, and watch as Jesus will come to set you free. Haven’t you had enough of the devil and his ways?


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