Humbled and Broken...

“But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:”

Philippians 2:7 New International Version

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Reduce Me Jesus??

Do you see your great need to be reduced and unless that work is accomplished there will be no revival and the coming storm will sweep many away? Does that disturb you?
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The Deadly Flame

Have you given control of this deadly flame up to Jesus, evidenced by your behaviors, not by your words? We must allow the Holy Spirit to closely examine our behaviors, lest we’re guided by our own spirit.
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His Name is Jesus

Are you willing to fully yield your life to Jesus? If you are, then this introductory message from the book of Colossians will be a great blessing to you.

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Scriptural Death Route Holiness

I’m attaching a wonderful little book, and it’s the most recent book I could find that laid out in detail what the Lord wants from us. It’s in a PDF format. Here’s a brief synopsis by the author: By the term “death-route” we mean, taking our stand against carnality and turning over every revealed carnal trait to the Holy Ghost, for its slaying. Carnal traits, however, are not crucified one at time. They are surrendered (died out to) one at…

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Pilgrim’s Progress Story Time 4/29/2023

Hello, thank you for stopping, we’re trusting that Pastor Ray will be able to do Pilgrim’s Progress Story Time soon. In the interim, we’re continuing to run previous episodes. Thank you for praying for his recovery.