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Nothing Is Hidden from God

When Achan stole and hid gold, silver, and fine clothing from God, the Lord withdrew from Israel, and thirty-six people died in battle. The Lord exposed Achan’s sin to all Israel, who stoned and burned Achan and his family. Just as the fire of judgment consumed Achan, the fires of hell will consume us if we do not allow the Holy Spirit to probe us and uncover the worst parts of our hearts. And just as Achan’s brothers died because of his sin, our fellow men are dying in sin while the Church at-large remains powerless because she refuses the work of the Holy Spirit to bring her to repentance, and brays, “We’re all sinners!” Are you still a sinner? Or do you fear sinning? Will you spread your sin before the Lord now in deep repentance and a holy fear of God, that you and those around you might be saved; or will you wait until the Day of Judgment, and be damned?

Do Not Force God to Leave You (November 2016)

The Spirit of God confronts us with the holiness of God and our own, particular sins. If we persistently reject the Spirit of God with excuses, grumbling, or rebellion; or by insisting, “I sin every day, and God is just going to have to accept me how I am,” the Holy Spirit will leave us. Such persons may be left with a shell of religion, but they are lost. This earth exists because God has preordained a church that will be made holy by faith–the question is, will you be part of it?

Is Jesus Trying to Kill Me? (2009)

The Lord has said, “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” But Jesus died so that our soul does not have to die! So how are we to die with Christ? We are to die first to our sinful actions, and second to our sinful nature. The sin nature is not part of our soul—it is a foreigner that affixes itself to our soul and controls it. Genesis 3:15 promises that this control is not total. You can repent! Glory to God! Listen to this powerful message to learn how to die to sin TODAY and walk in the freedom of Jesus!

Seeds of Destruction

The battle is on for the soul of America. Morality is crashing in America as the pulpits no longer burn with righteousness and no longer directly confront sin. The seeds of destruction have created an “inclusive” gospel that no longer rebukes sin or legalistic righteousness that’s full of rigidity, with no underlying power. It’s time that these seeds of destruction be removed from the church through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, so that a pure gospel can be proclaimed throughout the land! The heart of Jesus is that you and I be utterly transformed through a work of His amazing grace!

How Do We Escape a Burning World? (Encore)

Our only means of escaping the wickedness of this world, is by crucifixion and union to Jesus. If we walk under sin, we’re still under the law. Listen to the exposition of Romans and determine in your heart that you will leave this prison planet, through the dynamite power of God, made available to you by the blood of Jesus. Throw off the lie of the sinning Christian and leave this burning world today.

Are You Saved? (Encore)

If we are to be saved, we must be saved out of all sin. In this modern culture, we’ve simply intellectualized it, thereby deceiving ourselves. The great lie is that a man can be saved and remain in his sin. Are you still sinning or are you saved out of it?

Made Holy by Faith

A debilitating lie persists in the American church: the lie that Christ saves us from the penalty of sin, by faith, but then we must “do our best,” with Jesus’ help, to live a godly life. Pastor Ray Greenley shares his testimony of the frustration of living in Romans 7 until he learned the true meaning of justification. We are not merely viewed as righteous, but we are actually made righteous: not by works, but by faith. Will you seize by faith in the precious blood of Christ not only salvation, but holiness?