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Winston Churchill and God’s Divine Plan (2015)

When most of Europe had rolled over to Nazi forces, one man–Winston Churchill–took a stand and declared, “We shall never surrender.” He understood the will of God to defend Christian civilization and boldly stood in the gap (Ezekiel 22:30). Behind the scenes, Rees Howells prayed through to victory on key events that overthrew Hitler and secured the Allies’ victory.

Today, it looks like much of Western civilization and the Christian world is rolling over to the devil and political correctness. But, behind the scenes, men and women who see God’s purpose for America on a global scale are in their prayer closets, crying out to Jesus Christ to bring a revival of righteousness to America. Have you taken this stand? If you haven’t, will you, today?

The Scourge of Pride (James 4)

Sister Michelle’s welcome was from Matthew 22 beginning at verse 41, with the question who is Jesus and how do we view him?  Pastor Ray’s sermon deals with pride, which veils this deep inner hatred of God that we must all deal with. Pride is the fruit of the hatred of God. Will you cry out and allow God to deal all the way to the bottom with your pride?