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Rise Up, and Walk! (January 2017)

When Jesus healed the paralytic and said, “Rise up, and walk!” he was literally saying, “Awaken!” This call to come to consciousness, which is revival, is on all of God’s people. It is your responsibility and duty to put off deceptions, lay down the weapons of the devil, and fully consecrate yourself to Jesus Christ. Will you admit that the lack of revival is due to your own hardness of heart? Will you go on dozing in the land of Nod, or will you cry out to God?

Welcome message by Sister Michelle

The Two-Fold Work of Jesus Christ (Leviticus 16)

The atonement and its benefits are two distinct works that were prefigured by the two goats of the sin offering in Leviticus 16. The finished work at the cross made full provision for the forgiveness of our past sin and the removal of all sin from our souls. We have time to repent because Jesus died for the sins of the world. But to be saved, we must allow Jesus to do a finished work in us that makes us holy – this requires us to be crucified with Christ and to be born from above. Will you once and for all say “I’m done!” and give yourself wholly to Jesus?