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The Refiner’s Fire

Jesus urges the church at Laodicea to “buy gold tried in the fire.” The gold is saving faith (1 Peter). The cost is to fully submit to Christ’s refining fire that purifies, sanctifies, and ultimately saves the soul as it walks in the promises of God and doesn’t give in to despair (Malachi 3). The resurrected Jesus is saying, “You’ve been very religious, but you’ve ducked and dodged the refiner’s fire.” You cannot be saved unless you allow the Holy Spirit to finish this work of holiness in your heart. Will you let Jesus sign the executive orders to release the Holy Spirit in your heart and block everything that stands in the way of your sanctification?

The Danger of Self Love (Encore)

Are you so consumed with pride that you fail to help others, because after all,  shouldn’t the world revolve around you and your concerns? This self love will create divisions and block the work of God. God designed the church to be an interdependent body of people, not a group of self-sufficient and self-contained individuals. Will you allow God to melt and soften your heart, so that you will sacrificially love Jesus and others?