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The Turning Point (Encore, 2010)

Peter listened to John the Baptist and Jesus preach, and was likely baptized. While other disciples, including Peter’s brother Andrew, cleaved to Jesus, Peter continued to pursue money and self-provision by fishing. It didn’t dawn on him that Jesus was God living as man. Finally, Jesus gave Peter exactly what he wanted: an enormous draught of fish. Peter, heart uncovered, melted before Jesus and fell at Christ’s knees, crying, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man!” We, too, must come to this point of seeing our selfishness, rebellion, and conceit in light of a holy God. When a person recognizes, “I don’t deserve you, Jesus!” his response is always the same: “Follow me, and I will make you a fisher of men.” He will not let us hide in our Christian closet! Have you accepted this call of Jesus?

Rise Up, and Walk! (January 2017)

When Jesus healed the paralytic and said, “Rise up, and walk!” he was literally saying, “Awaken!” This call to come to consciousness, which is revival, is on all of God’s people. It is your responsibility and duty to put off deceptions, lay down the weapons of the devil, and fully consecrate yourself to Jesus Christ. Will you admit that the lack of revival is due to your own hardness of heart? Will you go on dozing in the land of Nod, or will you cry out to God?

Welcome message by Sister Michelle

The Turning Point (2010)

In this sermon from 2010, Pastor Ray recounts the turning point for Peter. In God’s great love and kindness, we too must have eyes to not only see this turning point but then in great repentance fully turn our lives over to Jesus. God has an seemingly infinite number of ways to bring us to the end of ourselves, would you open your eyes and make today your turning point from the chains of darkness toward heaven today?