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Moral Insanity (October 4, 2015)

Indifference thrives on moral insanity. Like many Americans, you may recognize that our country is crashing. But what are you doing about it? Have you taken the attitude, “Well, there’s nothing that I can do about it,” and then responded with either angry feelings towards the corrupt “powers that be,” or by saying, “Well, I might as well enjoy life while I can?” This sin of not praying will not be atoned for. God is willing to step into history and turn America back to righteousness. But, God will not do it until Christians will give up their casualness and entertainment, wake up to reality, and weep and wail in the prayer closet as if they would not be denied. Will you do this?

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Moral Insanity (Isaiah 22) (October 4, 2015)

Today’s Saturday classic is a sermon in the series on fatalism, that has been playing the past couple of weeks on Friday’s radio broadcast. Through the blood of Jesus, we must overcome the human heart’s tendency toward fatalism, which results in a moral morass, where where not only may give up but also where self reigns supreme. In fact, fatalism can be used to deftly hide the selfishness of our hearts. Are you self-indulgent or have you given everything to Jesus? May the Holy Spirit unveil this fatalistic bent in our hearts.