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The Road into the Heart of Jesus

One sabbath day, Jesus healed a woman in the synagogue who’d been “completely” bowed over for 18 years. This same Greek word, pantelēs, is used in Hebrews 7:25: “[Jesus] is able to save completely those who draw near to God through him.” Just as truly as sinners are completely bound by sin, they can be completely freed by Jesus Christ. This transformation is an inner working of the Holy Spirit who writes the law of God into a person’s heart. The saved Christian is a new creature who loves to do the will of God. Repentance is the only road into this heart of Jesus. Do you have to force yourself to obey God, or is obedience the natural desire of your heart?

Pantelēs can also be translated as “uttermost,” and we leave you with this: a hymn written by William James Kirkpatrick entitled “Saved to the Uttermost“:

Saved to the uttermost: I am the Lord’s;
Jesus my Savior salvation affords;
Gives me His Spirit, a witness within,
Whispering of pardon, and saving from sin.

Saved to the uttermost: Jesus is near;
Keeping me safely, He casteth out fear;
Trusting His promises, now I am blest;
Leaning upon Him, how sweet is my rest.

Saved to the uttermost: this I can say,
“Once all was darkness, but now it is day;
Beautiful visions of glory I see,
Jesus in brightness revealed unto me.”

Saved to the uttermost; cheerfully sing
Loud hallelujahs to Jesus my King;
Ransomed and pardoned, redeemed by His blood,
Cleansed from unrighteousness; glory to God!

CHORUS (after each verse):

Saved, saved, saved to the uttermost;
Saved, saved by power divine;
Saved, saved, saved to the uttermost:
Jesus the Savior is mine!

A Priest Forever (in the Order of Melchizedek)

Pastor Ray lays out the new covenant and the role of Jesus as our High Priest, as well as His dual role as the King of Kings. Make a decision in your heart today that you allow Jesus to function in both roles. “Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.” Hebrews 7:25  Let the King of Kings rule and reign over your heart and your life through every circumstance and you will be amazed what He will begin to do in your life! He will give you peace and His righteousness, what a mighty God we serve.

The Revolutionary Resurrection!

The word revolutionary is defined as tending to produce a revolution. Revolution is simply the motion of a body round any fixed point or center. After our crucifixion, Jesus brings to a place where our lives totally revolve around Him and His body (i.e., the church). There’s such an incredible work that Jesus wants to do in us, if we’ll simply yield and surrender to Him. May the Holy Spirit quicken this word to your heart. Jesus doesn’t call us to condemn us but simply to leave everything and follow Him.

Jesus primary interest is about the church, the ones who are following Him and He is preparing our hearts for eternity. Will you allow Him full access and control over your life? I pray that the faith of God will grip your heart and that you will grab this word. Be encouraged and be fully given to Jesus!