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Winston Churchill and God’s Divine Plan (2015)

When most of Europe had rolled over to Nazi forces, one man–Winston Churchill–took a stand and declared, “We shall never surrender.” He understood the will of God to defend Christian civilization and boldly stood in the gap (Ezekiel 22:30). Behind the scenes, Rees Howells prayed through to victory on key events that overthrew Hitler and secured the Allies’ victory.

Today, it looks like much of Western civilization and the Christian world is rolling over to the devil and political correctness. But, behind the scenes, men and women who see God’s purpose for America on a global scale are in their prayer closets, crying out to Jesus Christ to bring a revival of righteousness to America. Have you taken this stand? If you haven’t, will you, today?

Rees Howells’ Intercession against Fatalism (Encore)

Many of us have heard of the miraculous deliverance of Great Britain in World War 2 and the bravery of the British People and their courageous leader, Winston Churchill. That was the front side of the story but here was also a back side.  Rees Howells was a coal miner turned minister of the Gospel, who went on to found the Bible College of Wales. Rees Howells and his fellow prayer warriors were the back side of the Allies victory over the Nazis. Listen to this incredible saga of spiritual warfare and the disciples who prayed in the victory during the greatest war the world has ever seen. Make a decision to simply take God at His word and no longer believe the fatalistic lies of the devil.

The Amazing Grace of Jesus Christ (October 14, 2015)

(Note: Since the broadcast on January 7 further told the story of John Newton, we are posting the broadcast from October 14.)

Can God save the worst of us? The hymn Amazing Grace that has touched the lives of millions was written by a very unlikely candidate to have embraced the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This beautiful hymn of Grace was written by a slave trader. John Newton was a hardened man who had sailed the world, seen it all and profited from the buying and selling of human beings. Sometimes the very worst can become the very best. Listen to this inspiring story of repentance, forgiveness, redemption and our Lord’s Amazing Grace.